We are experienced educators with many different educational roles among us—teachers, principal, university professors. consultants, curriculum developers, authors, editors, and more. We are passionate about student learning, the possibilities for learning through technology, professional development, using technology for good, and making a difference in this world.

In addition to our face-to-face work with teachers, administrators, students, and parents, we also develop online tutorials and materials around the topics listed above. We are also active presenters at state, regional, national, and international conferences and seminars.

Coming Spring 2013!

Watch for our upcoming Digital Learning Series, a series of short modules for students/parents/teachers, to learn about the importance of their online presence, digital footprint, and ultimately how to be a good (digital) citizen. Designed for students in grades 4 – 14.

Creating and controlling your online reputation

In your online world…perception is reality

This online series demonstrates the importance of having a positive online presence and shows you how to intentionally build your digital footprint. Increasingly, colleges and employers go online to find information about prospective students and employees; having a positive web presence is essential. In addition to keeping inappropriate content off the web, we will show you how to positively control your digital reputation, develop your personal “brand”, constructively contribute to online conversations, manage your privacy settings on social media, and select an online portfolio format that works for you. You will also examine ways students, educators, and other professionals effectively present themselves online. After completing this series you will be empowered to take charge of your digital life!

Participants will…

• Understand the significance of a high quality digital footprint—and why it matters

• Examine your digital footprint and begin planning ways to improve it.

• Understand the importance of personal “branding”

• Learn how to ensure privacy and safety on social media sites

• Explore different examples of presenting oneself online

• Understand the positive possibilities and challenges of the digital world

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