Posted by: Jill Spencer | July 10, 2013

Developing a Digital Footprint–Advice from Experts

Lisa Nielson, director of digital literacy and citizenship at the New York City Department of Education, blogs as the Innovative Educator. A recent post offers advice from a variety of people on the topic of social media and students.  Arranged in a colorful infogram style, different pieces of advice from students, career coaches, and college experts offer food for thought for parents, educators, and students working their way toward adulthood.  Things to ponder include:

  • Using social media to demonstrate a skill set
  • Making your voice heard on issues of the day
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom

Each little snippet could be the focal point of a lesson or activity for an advisory group, digital citizenship class, or career exploration unit.

The issue of social media in school is not one that is going to go away.  Faculties do a great disservice to their students if they keep their heads in the sand and ignore the implications of social media on their students’ futures.  Reading and discussing blogs like Nielson’s ought to be occurring in faculty meetings.

Parents also need to educate themselves about the realities of the digital world; children need to learn how to navigate the Internet and social media, and parents need to help them do it wisely.

Check out what some experts have to say at Nielson’s blog:

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